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Valued Partnerships

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Texas Veteran Security LLC is proud of the partnerships we've made and maintained throughout the years. We look forward to serving our community.


Apple Retail Stores

Texas Veteran Security continues to secure Apple retail stores since the intial breakout of COVID-19. Operating at BOTH locations in San Antonio, Texas Veteran Security strives to provide the highest standard of security. 



Texas Veteran Security empowers and protects SAMMinistries. Assisting with overcoming homelessness while providing the standard for all security. 

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St. Lukes Catholic School

We have been trusted to provide School protection for St. Lukes and assist with day to day operations. This includes special events and sporting events.


We work hand in hand with the future of the US Army. UTSA ROTC has assisted in multiple events, tasks, and classroom learning. Excited to continue recruiting from and learning from America's next best. 

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