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ENSURE THE SAFETY AND SECURITY of your business with Texas Veteran Security's comprehensive Business Security & Surveillance solutions. Our fully integrated systems provide you with seamless control and monitoring capabilities, all accessible through a single, user-friendly interface. From real-time video streaming to employee access management, our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your business.


GAIN VALUABLE INSIGHTS into your business operations with our Business Insight feature. Track activity trends to make informed decisions regarding staffing, promotions, energy usage, and more. Easy-to-understand reports provide visibility into activity patterns across your business, allowing you to identify trends and make adjustments as needed.



SIMPLIFY MANAGEMENT of multiple business locations with our Multi-System Access feature. Our Enterprise solution enables you to control all your properties and systems from a single log-in, providing centralized management and oversight. Whether you have one location or multiple sites, our integrated dashboard allows for efficient management of your security systems.

MANAGE EMPLOYEE ACCESS EFFORTLESSLY with our Unique User Codes feature. Assign unique codes to employees across multiple locations,  and  remotely  add  or  delete  codes  as  needed without the hassle of contacting the alarm company or using the keypad. Ensure secure access to your business while maintaining control and flexibility.



STAY INFORMED IN REAL-TIME with our Keeping You Aware feature. Receive notifications from your smart security system whenever someone enters designated areas of your business, such as the office, inventory room, or server room. 

Distinguish between real and false alarms and confirm that your business is operating smoothly and securely at all times.

PROTECT YOUR ASSETS WITH FLEX IO, the versatile security sensor that offers unmatched flexibility and reliability. Wireless, weatherproof, and cellular-enabled, Flex IO can be installed on everything from tools and machinery to warehouses and storage facilities.  Whether  you  have  one   location   or   multiple  business sites spread over large distances, you can depend on Flex IO for real-time alerts about important activity.



IN ADDITION TO THE COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY and surveillance tools outlined     above,     Texas     Veteran     Security     offers    cutting-edge robotics solutions to enhance your security measures further. Our security robots are equipped with advanced features such as facial recognition,   area   monitoring,   and    the   ability   to   contact   human security or first responders in case of emergencies. These robots provide    an    additional    layer    of    protection    for  your    business, ensuring     constant    vigilance    and    rapid    response    to    security threats.  Explore  our  Robotics   Solutions   page  to  learn   more  about how these innovative technologies can benefit your business.

Contact Texas Veteran Security today to learn more about our Home Security & Automation solutions and how we can customize them to fit your lifestyle and security needs.

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