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Are you passionate about service, safety, and personal growth? Do you thrive in a dynamic environment where every day brings new challenges and opportunities? If so, we invite you to consider a career with Texas Veteran Security.

At Texas Veteran Security, we pride ourselves on having a great team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities. Our team is passionate about service, safety, and personal growth, and we are committed to providing ongoing training and continuing education to support our employees in their professional development.

Our comprehensive training programs incorporate critical thinking, de-escalation techniques, current events, and how to manage emerging scenarios, ensuring that our team members are well-equipped to handle any situation they may encounter. From shooting courses to scenario-based training exercises, we invest in our employees' skills and knowledge to help them succeed.

An additional benefit of working with Texas Veteran Security is the opportunity for career advancement. Many of our team members start with us and go on to pursue careers in local, state, and federal law enforcement, leveraging the valuable experience and skills they gain while working with us.

In addition to career advancement opportunities, we offer competitive wages and job security. When your current deployment ends, we ensure you are placed on a new assignment, eliminating the need to continually search for new jobs.

Our commitment to our employees' well-being and professional growth has earned us recognition as the 2022 National Veterans Employment & Education Commission's Midsized Employer of the Year.

Don't wait—join our high-performing and exceptional team today. Apply now and embark on a rewarding career with Texas Veteran Security.

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Available Start Date

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This company is great to work for. They are understanding and will work with you if you need anything, great company!

- Eric Badillo

This company has a great supervisor and they work with your schedule. Leadership is outstanding.

- Paul Magee

Love working for this company. Management is great and reasonable. Always puts their employees first.

- Bianca Hernandez

Great company to work for. All supervisors and guards do an amazing job. They definitely have your back if you ever need them.

- Zayden F.

Good company to work with! They will help you if you help them. Good hours, good start pay, and very professional, especially the owners and HR! Much love to Texas Veterans!

- Jesus H

No other Security company like Texas Veterans. Nothing but opportunities to succeed. The Leadership within the company is outstanding.

- Kenneth A.


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