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TRANSFORM YOUR HOME INTO a smart and secure sanctuary with Texas Veteran Security's Home Security & Automation solutions.   Our  comprehensive  suite  of  tools  and  automation  features  empowers  you  to  monitor  and   control  your  home's security easily from anywhere, at any time.


KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR HOME at all times with our advanced camera and monitoring systems. Our range of cameras includes doorbell cameras, interior cameras, and exterior cameras, all of which can provide both recorded footage and live feeds.


With motion sensors integrated into our camera systems, you'll receive alerts for any unusual activity, allowing you to monitor the safety and well-being of your loved ones, including children or elderly family members.


TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HOME'S ENVIRONMENT with our automation features.  Adjust   your   smart  thermostats,  lights,  and  lock  settings with  the  touch  of  a  button from  your mobile device.  Our  connected car  feature   ensures  the   safety  of  your  vehicle   and  its  occupants with   real-time   behavior   alerts,   vehicle  tracking,   and   integration with your security system.

ENHANCE YOUR HOME AUTOMATION with GeoFencing technology. As you approach your home, lights can automatically turn on, temperatures    can    adjust,    and    doors    can   unlock-all   based   on your  location.    Conversely,    when    you    leave,    your  system   can ensure that your garage door is closed and your alarm  is armed, providing added peace of mind and convenience.



PROTECT WHAT MATTERS MOST WITH FLEX IO, the versatile security sensor designed to go where others can't. Wireless, weatherproof, and  cellular-enabled,  Flex  IO  can  be  installed  on  doors,  gates,  or even free-standing vehicles, providing comprehensive protection with virtually no range limitations. Whether used on its own or integrated into your existing security system, Flex IO offers unmatched flexibility and reliability.

Contact Texas Veteran Security today to learn more about our Home Security & Automation solutions and how we can customize them to fit your lifestyle and security needs.

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