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SAMMinistries unveiling its newest staff member. There's two of them, actually. That's right. They are autonomous robots that will help patrol the shelter 24-7. And our Patti Santos has more on how this new hire is changing the future for security companies.

We have security here. Imagine bumping into this guy. That is him right there. Meet OR3. There's two of them, actually. They're security robots, and they will officially be unveiled later this morning at the SAMMinistries shelter in downtown, but we got you a sneak peek.

The robot is autonomous. It can take pictures, has face recognition, and can read a license plate. They have been set up to walk the perimeter around the shelter, and then someone is monitoring any alerts or warnings that the robot sends out.

The robots don't need a break. They don't need health insurance, and just need someone to charge them every five hours or so. That is when the other robot takes over. They can do this 24-7. The CEO of Texas Veterans Security tells me this is a real game changer for their industry. "It's an autonomous robot, which means it operates by itself. It has its own mapping, so it knows where to go. It has obstacle avoidance, two-way communication, and 360-degree live recording so that our guards can then see. So if somebody's back in the rear of the location, we'll be notified." 

And just like every new hire, OR3 is currently on a one-month trial basis to see how things go. But as you know, SAMMnistries is a non-profit, and they say having this type of security, if it is effective for them, will help them save a lot of money in the long run, having to pay for a security officer.

The security company tells me this type of robot security does not really work for all facilities, so that is why they're trying it out to see how it turns out. 

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