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SAMMinistries is looking to increase security to protect residents downtown and they're hoping robots can help. KENS 5 Simone Simpson has the story.

There's a new sheriff in town rolling in. It can see you. "There's facial recognition. There's license plate readers." And it can talk to you. "[They have] two-way communication that we can have if we see somebody in our perimeter." These robots main mission: to be SAMMinistries 24/7 security. "They're going to help us just view the campus a lot better than we would with one guard walking around the perimeter."

Cost efficiency is the driving force for the two robots. Gerard Morales is the CEO of Texas Veteran Security, a security partner for this innovation. "It's about a one third reduction of cost compared to a security guard working 24/7." 

Two and a half manpower hours per shift, these devices can replace." Sometimes controlled by a gaming controller, these bots can also travel autonomously. "A combination of a remote-controled car with a Roomba vacuum cleaner that we have in a security guard all rolled up into one.

This is the point of view of what the human guard will see through the robots live feed. Making its first debut in North America from Singapore to downtown San Antonio. Brian feels this is the perfect location to test out its capabilities. 

For the next 30 days, SAMMinistries will be seeing if these robots will become a permanent fixture in the organization's security. "Being able to reduce costs to still have the same level of safety for everybody involved."

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